Command Master Chief

Command Master Chief
USS Midway

On a recent visit to San Diego I had the pleasure of touring the USS Midway – a retired 70-year old aircraft carrier that served up to the First Gulf War. The self-guided tour is a great look at not only the hardware, but more importantly the life on board this great vessel.

What really spoke to me was the role of the Command Master Chief. As a petty officer, the hail from the ranks of the enlisted. As such, they seem better equipped to understand the troubles and toils of the enlisted men and women serving. They are a more natural site as they tour the various stations – in comparison to officers that may be feared or mistrusted. t the same time, their experience and rank means they have little qualms about passing on their and the lower grades’s concerns up the chain of command.

USS Midway - flight deck
USS Midway

I see many comparisons with the role of people in roles such as Scrum Master or Agile Coach. Those of use that have come up from the ranks of engineers, software developers, etc. have the “street cred” and typically not being part of management can be more effective in getting honest feedback from the team members. And in parallel – since the management is the ones that brought us in – they’re likely to listen to us.

It’s also interesting that the CMC uses a form of Gemba to collect this information.

If the US Navy has been practicing this, since the Vietnam War, shouldn’t companies also take heed?


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